Welcome To My ProfilE

1. Few unknown facts about Sagar jain!

My inner strength is first thing which differentiates me from the others. I don’t give up easily. 

2. Is the modeling world all about appearance and beauty or is there more talent required? Tell us about it?

To be honest about my profession, if we talk only about modelling then yes it is all about your appearance which includes your height, physique, personality and most importantly your self confidence or attitude to present yourself in whatever way needed.

What message would you like to give to the youth who are looking forward to pursue this career?

First of all keep yourself updated. Be active in the field so that people keep you in their mind. Start from the very beginning because this is not a single day’s work but years of hardwork to be the best. Love your body and work on that. This is the only thing which you can never stop working with even after your popularity. Be confident, set your goal and start working on that from the beginning of your long journey!